Backroads to 

 Flesh and bone

With her second studio album, Flesh and Bone, Cynthia Marchant explores spiritual truth and depth, and the magic of connecting with self and others in the many stages of life. Her keen observations and intuitive songwriting style combine to surprise the listener as she explores the journey of love and freedom. Drawing from memories and precious moments along the way, she takes you along for the ride while exploring a winding path of ups and downs.

Facing cancer as both a health care provider, "A Blessing", and as a patient, provided inspiration for deep reflection, "I Found Myself", and the need to assure her son, we are more than "Flesh and Bone".

Love lost and found, and long lonely roads are continued themes. Some songs are purely autobiographical, and there's always an element of truth to be found in Cynthia's music. 

"Buddhist Wedding Song" was written and performed for a couple of very dear friends in their backyard overlooking Lake Ontario, on what turned out to be a most beautiful day for a commitment ceremony! 

"You Shine" was written the day her granddaughter was born, and "Life is Short and Sweet" hopes to guide her. 

Flesh and Bone is Cynthia's second studio album produced with Steve Dawson of Chicago. IL.  Steve embraces the essence of each song, translating with an artistic stroke, producing an amazing listening experience that becomes the heartbeat of the song. 

Flesh and Bone was #1 on NACC Top 5 Folk Adds in February 2023 plus NACC's MMD Top Downloaded and Top Streams Charts and  7 weeks (& counting!) on RMR Top 50 Charts for Folk Albums, Contemporary Folk Albums. and Illinois Albums.